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Braun family

Braun family posing on a rocky coast. Left to right: Dean Dahl, Heather (Braun) Dahl, Heidi Braun, Ron Dahl, Marion Dahl, Heidi Braun.


Cornelius C.D. Toews family

Cornelius "CD" and Anna (Janzen) Toews with their family. Left to right: Nellie (Toews) Krahn, Clara (Toews) DeHeck, CD Toews, Walter Toews, Lily (Toews) Allert, Anna (Janzen) Toews, Cornelius "Neil" Toews.


David & Katharina Klassen family

Studio family picture of David and Katharina Klassen. Standing (left to right) : Anne Klassen, Elizabeth Klassen, David Klassen, Agatha Klassen, Katie (Klassen) Regehr. Front row (seated) : Katharina Klassen, David Klassen.


Emilie (Poetker) Dyck with children

A studio picture of Emilie (Poetker) Dyck and her three children. Left to right: Amalie (Dyck) Bock, Wilhelm Dyck, Agathe (Dyck) Warkentin and mother Emilie (Poetker) Dyck.

Chuyun, S.

Frederick and Ida Millar family

  • CA MAO 2019-1.27
  • Item
  • 1945

Frederick and Ida Millar and their children. Front row (left to right): Doug Millar, Frederick Millar, Ida (Eby) MIllar, Donald Millar. Back row (left to right): Fred (Bruce) Millar, Bertha, Robert., Louisa, Roderick.

Belair, Kitchener

Gerhard Derksen family

Gerhard Derksen with his family. Back row )left to right : Katarina (Goosen) Duerksen, Jake Duerksen, Gerhard, Duerksen, Anna Duerksen, unknown.


Gordon C. and Elsie Eby family

  • CA MAO 2019-1.28
  • Item
  • Mar 1945

Gordon C. and Elsie (Hewitt) Eby and their children. Front row (left to right): Gary, Gordon C., Tim, Elsie, Loella. Back row (left to right): Annie, Ward, Foster, Gordon, Ruth.

Belair, Kitchener

John Harder family

Rev. Johannes A. Harder family sitting in front of a crisscross fence; mountain in the background. Back row (left to right) : Mrs. Tina (Rempel) Harder, Dave Harder, Rose Harder, Rev. John Harder. Front row (left to right) : Fred Harder, Lillian Harder, John Harder.


Nikolai Reimer family

Three generations of the Nicolaus Reimer family. Back row standing (left to right): Gertrude Reimer, Sara Reimer, Anna Peters, Sara Reimer, Elizabeth Reimer, Maria Esau, Nettie Esau. Front row: (left to right): Nick Reimer, Frieda Reimer (on lap), Nicolai Reimer, Cornelius C. Peters, Annie Peters, Bargen, Nicolai N. Reimer, Margaret Reimer, John Esau, Gertude (Esau) Martens.


Peter and Erna Janzen family

Peter and Erna Jantzen with their family. Back row (left to right) : John Brown, David Fast, unknown, unknown, Peter Jantzen, ,Wayne Braun, unknown, unknown. Sitting (left to right) : Evelyn (Jantzen) Brown, Shirley (Jantzen) Fast, Erna (Wiebe) Jantzen, Teresa (Jantzen) Braun, unknown, unknown. On the floor : unknown, unknown, unknown.


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