Devarakonda (India)



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Devarakonda (India)

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Devarakonda (India)

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Devarakonda (India)

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This photo is of a little girl holding a white cat. Her name is Annandama. She is wearing a dress that comes to her knees. There is a white building behind her.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Behind hospital (D.G. Samsan & N. Prokasham)

This photo is of adults and children standing behind the Deverakonda hospital. Two men are identified as D.G. Samsan and N. Prakasham are preaching. [The missionary involvement among the lower caste people in India was significant. That "high" people (missionaries) would associate with the lower caste was unusual. The missionaries educated the people which allowed them to have more occupational choices which provided them social mobility, out of their low caste and into a higher caste. The high caste people generally have more clothes on. The indigenous preachers were educated by the missionaries, and paid for their preaching and teaching work. They gained a new respectability via their education, and vocation so that in this photo they are wearing long clothes and even a hat.]

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Bible Lesson

This photo is of a woman and a hospital patient sitting outside together. The woman is showing the man pictures and telling him stories of salvation.

Boy Scouts

This photo is Boy Scouts standing in front of the Government High School Deverkonoa, India holding spears. There are other people on the left and right of the photo and on the roof top as well.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Buffalo cattle

This photo is of buffalo cattle in the farmyard. Buildings are in the background with trees surrounding them. One person is standing in the yard with the animals.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Buffalo Cow [bull?]

This photo is of a buffalo cow [bull?] with long horns on a farm yard. A man is standing to the left of the photo. Piles of straw are behind the cow. Large trees are in the background.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Carrying water

This photo is of women carrying jugs of water. They are on a steep slope. They are dressed in period dress, carrying the water jugs on their heads. Some are barefoot. [The woman in the front is wearing a dark dress and has bracelets on her arm signifying that she is married. The three women behind her are wearing white dresses and no bracelets. No bracelets means they are not married and the white dresses signify that they are widowed. The woman back row far right is married (she has bracelets and darker dress).]

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975


This photo is of cattle in a field of grass. Trees are in the field in the background.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Cattle shed

This photo is of a cattle sheds built of brick with thatched roofs. There are some cattle outside and a few people tending to the animals including a female missionary.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

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