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BOX 32 FOLDER 3 NOTE: Folder 3 has a "miscellaneous" file. Rather than strictly by date, "miscellaneous" files have entries alphabetized by correspondent, then by date for a given correspondent. Also-- NOTE: this annotator’s German is not strong; so the descriptions of German-language materials may be incomplete and not fully accurate. 5/8” file (about 100 items) {1} TWO entries Bender to R. M. Baerg, July 21, 1960 [likely Reuben Menno Baerg, Reuben M. Baerg; to Mennonite Brethren Bible Seminary, Fresno California]: writing at suggestion of J. B. Toews [John B. Toews Sr.], who was the MB representative on Mennonite World Conference Executive Committee; requesting your participation in planning inter-Mennonite [interMennonite] Ministers’ Study Conference for 1961; bit of history--reactivation of this conference at Mennonite World Conference at Kitchener, 1959; MBs had appointed H. H. Janzen [?? Henry H. Janzen ??], but...; etc.; Bender now leaving tomorrow for Basel and meeting of “World Conference Presidium”; cc’s to J. B. Toews, Erland Waltner. • • • REPLY, R. M. Baerg to Bender, August 5, 1969 [stationery of Dean’s office, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno California; Reuben Menno Baerg, Reuben M. Baerg]: happy to say Yes; Dan E. Friesen had counseled to wait for the appointment until the MB church’s Committee of Reference and Counsel met; cc’s, Friesen, J. B. Toews. {2} TWO entries Ray Bair to Bender, September 24, 1953 [from rural route Louisville Ohio]: apology for delay letting you know of your speaking appointments September 27-October 11; listed appointments in Kidron Mennonite Church, Berlin Mennonite Church, Martins Creek Mennonite Church, Pleasant View Mennonite Church, all in Ohio; suggested he work out transportation details with D. D. Miller [sic, but surely David D. Miller, not Daniel D., the father of Orie O. Miller]....; that he (Bair) was sending some minutes and “a copy of our first informational leaflet”, and “Another pamphlet will be ready when you come and speak”. • • • ATTACHED, three multilithed sheets, apparently documents in the formation of a “Christian School”; • • • first sheet--“A Survey of the Minutes of the meetings held since the last Prospective Patrons met at the Orrville Church, June 9, 1953”, giving information on meeting of June 9 “conducted by the Steering Committee”, of June 30 “of the Board of Trustees, convened by Harold Bauman”, of July 10, a “meeting of the Board of Trustees, convened by temporary chairman Bauman, electing Bowman president, Charles Kreider vice-president, Gerald Studer secretary, Melvin Hartzler treasurer, and Homer Kandel Fifth Member, and further information, of July 24 meeting of the Executive committee (included the selection of a slogan, “The Best in Education with Christ as the Center”), of August 15 “meeting of the Board of trustees”, who discussed and signed “Incorporation Articles” and considered some methods of promotion, including a leaflet; • • • second sheet--continuing the “Summary of Minutes” begun on first sheet, of September 1 “meeting of the Board, recorded by Gerald Studer, including appointment of Elmer Hilty, Ray Bair, and Don Augsburger as a “Campaign Committee” and a list of changes to the Constitution; • • • third sheet giving minutes, reported by Ray Bair, of “the Christian School Patrons Assoc. meeting at Martins Church, Sept. 18 [1953]...”, including constitutional changes made, and “for solicitation purposes, we designate the site of the school as between Orrville and Kidron”, “that we plan for a high school and begin with at least grades 9 and 10” and authorization for the Board of Trustees “to secure an architect and prepare plans for a school”. {3} Bender to Librarian of a Baptist seminary in Switzerland, May 30, 1962 [...of The Baptist Theological Seminary, Rüschlikon-Zurich]: mentioning that a number of your students have written dissertations on Anabaptism--among them Kiwiet, Krajewski, Bergsten, Seewald; wished a complete list of such; already have some published items of Kiwiet on Pilgram Marpeck [Pilgram Marbeck] and Krajewski on Felix Manz; [likely Jan J. Kiwiet, J. J. Kiwiet, Torsten Bergsten, Ekkehard Krajewski]. {4} Paul H. Bartel to Bender, September 12, 1962 [stationery of Canadian Bible College, Bartel the Academic Dean]: statement of appreciation and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness. {5} Norman J. Baugher to Bender, April 17, 1958 [stationery of the Church of the Brethren’s General Brotherhood Board, Elgin Illinois]: his church’s Annual Conference would celebrate the church’s 250th anniversary; inviting Bender to give 3-5 minute greeting from Mennonite World Conference or arrange for another person to do it--on Sunday afternoon June 22. {6} Memorandum, Harold E. Bauman to Paul Mininger and Bender, February 25, 1959 [Harold Bauman]: list of arrangements for eight events of “Bible Lecture services’ reference to “Dr. Morgan” being scheduled also to speak to the Ministerial Association of Goshen [perhaps Carl H. Morgan, sometime Dean of Eastern Baptist Theololgical Seminary and a New Testament scholar]. {7} Harold E. Bauman to Bender, November 28, 1961 [Harold Bauman]: on planning religious emphasis events for “this year”; mention scheduling with Alcohol and Tobacco Education Conference in mind; also Church Vocations Emphasis; penned note at bottom in Bender pen, favoring March 26-7, and using A. J. Metzler as speaker [Abram J. Metzler]. {8} Bender to Harold Bauman, November 17, 1961 [Harold E. Bauman]: topic--“Seminary Chapel Wedding Regulations”; among various points, included no use of musical instruments inside the chapel, and no photographing during the ceremony; most points were about responsibilities for damage, cleaning, etc. {9} Memorandum, Harold E. Bauman to Roy Umble, John Mosemann, Bender, S. A. Yoder, Amy Hunsberger, Atlee Beechy, December 11, 1961 [Harold Bauman; Samuel A. Yoder]: Religious Life Committee was asking each of the above, plus Bauman, to serve on a sub-committee to study “what the church experience should be for the college student who attends Goshen College....”; bit of detail. {10} TWO entries Howard S. Bauman to Bender, January 8, 1959 [stationery of Elmira Mennonite Church, Elmira Ontario, Bauman the pastor]: reference to phone conversation about Bender being speaker in the congregation at or near Easter; bit of detail; note in Bender pen in margin, “Note correction toward the end of my letter”. • • • REPLY, Bender to Howard S. Bauman, January 13, 1959: consenting, but no longer than March 27-29, assuming five appointments; would advise what his themes would be. {11} Alvin J. Beachy to Bender, August 15, 1958 [Alvin Beachy, from Somerville Massachusetts]: Beachy was at Harvard Divinity School in a Th.D. program in Historical Theology, working closely with Department of Church History; had intended Hermeneutics, but with William Klassen and Henry Poettcker pursuing that at Princeton, Harvard was not “anxious” for Beachy to do so; Beachy perceived “significant difference” in how Anabaptists and Reformers viewed grace; he had proposed to Professor Paul Lehmann, his adviser, and consulted with Williams [likely George Huntston Williams, George H. Williams], and both accepted his proposal; working title was “The Concept of Grace in the Radical Reformation”, but Beachy hoped to narrow it to “the Evangelical Anabaptists”; Williams wanted him to cover such as Schwenkfeld and Socinus; from Bender, Beachy asked for evaluation of the topic, and for sources. {12} FOUR entries Alvin J. Beachy to Bender, November 30, 1961 [stationery of Zion Mennonite Church at Souderton Pennsylvania, Beachy the pastor]: gratified at the plan that Mennonite Quarterly Review would publish his dissertation abstract; accepted an addition at its end that Bender had proposed [not extant here]; on great help George Williams had given; comments on history of writing the dissertation and on points of its content; happy to give permission to publish two chapters in MQR as Bender had requested; about rights that Harvard specified; at the moment, Beachy had no plans for publication; before submitting it to Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History [SAMH], he wanted to confer with Williams. • • • ATTACHED, 5+ double-spaced sheets with Beachy’s abstract for “The Concept of Grace in the Radical Reformation”. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Alvin J. Beachy to Bender, December 12, 1961 [stationery of Zion Mennonite Church at Souderton Pennsylvania, Beachy the pastor]: George H. Williams [George Huntston Williams] had spoken at Schwenkfelder Church’s 400th anniversary of Caspar Schwenkfelder’s death, on “Caspar Schwenkfeld Among the Friends of God”; Beachy recommended getting Williams’ remarks to publish in MQR; Beachy had spoken with him about publication; Williams and he agreed the dissertation needed revision for sharpening its focus, and Williams had advised that publishing chapters in MQR would help begin the process; more ...(particulars). • • • REPLY, Bender to Alvin J. Beachy, December 15, 1961: Bender ready to follow the advice of Williams and Beachy; about schedule of publication, etc. {13} FOUR entries C. Richard Beam to Bender, July 5, 1958 [writer a student at Pennsylvania State University; dateline rural route Ephrata, Lancaster County Pennsylvania]: very appreciative words for Mennonite Encyclopedia article on German hymns of Mennonites...; would be working on a dissertation on folklore and dialect of northeastern Lancaster County, specifically Brecknock Township, which had an Old Order Mennonite congregation; wanted more materials including recordings of Old Order singing, etc. • • • REPLY, note, C. Richard Beam to Bender, February 14, 1959 [datelined Dept. of German, Penn State Univ.]: wanted copy of Bender article in 1932 MQR, “Literature and Hymnology of the Mennonites of Lancaster County”; mention John Hostetler [likely John A. Hostetler, John Andrew Hostetler]. • • • CONTIGUOUS, C. Richard Beam to Bender, April 26, 1959 [stationery of The Pennsylvania State University College of Liberal Arts Department of German; handwritten (as are the above)]: thanks for sending the article “The Literature and Hymnology of the Mennonites of Lancaster County Pennsylvania”; had reread your article “Tunes” in Mennonite Encyclopedia, furnished him by John Hostetler [likely John A. Hostetler, John Andrew Hostetler]--would have liked more detail on songs still sung by “‘Buggy Mennonites’”, but nonetheless very good; gives a proposal to have the dissertation of “Mrs. Duerksen” printed out by University Microfilms and placed in various libraries [likely “Anabaptist Hymnody Of the Sixteenth Century: A Study of Its Marked Individuality Coupled with a Dependence Upon Contemporary Secular and Sacred Musical Style and Form,” by Rosella Reimer Duerksen, 1956]; Beam welcomed any suggestions for his field work; mention John Hostetler and Ira Landis [Ira D. Landis]. • • • REPLY, Bender to C. Richard Beam”, April 30, 1959 [“Dear Professor Beam”]: suggested various categories in Mennonite Encyclopedia with articles potentially useful to Beam; Ira Landis surely could give more help to you than could Bender; Cornelius Krahn of Bethel College in Kansas had arranged typescripts of the Duerksen dissertation and Goshen had a copy--Krahn might have yet another copy for sale. {14} TWO entries Document, “Stand Thou There”, with penned signature of N. M. Bearinger, August 22, 1959 [typed account of an interview published in Kitchener-Waterloo Record of that date]: tells of “H. J. [sic] Bender of Goshen Indiana, president of Mennonite World Conference, drawing a very strong distinction between Amish and Mennonites (quoting Bender as saying “There is no connection between the Amish and the Mennonites” etc. [sic]); (more ...); at bottom in pen: “Perhaps you would wish to reply to this. Erb” [Paul Erb]. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to “Brother” N. M. Bearinger, September 12, 1959: That Brother Paul Erb sent me your letter” [sic] with “purported interview”....; enclosing a copy of letter to the Record, designed “to correct publicly what has been a most distressing incident to me”; reference to the “telephone interview”.... {15} Rudolf von Beckerath to Mennonite Central Committee, Frankfurt, August 4, 1960 [typed in German]: on Sunday, in the church house at Krefeld, Bender had seen a [“Doppelbild’ -- copy?] of the four apostles by Albrecht Dürer in a printing of Hanfstengel; Bender wanted a similar copy sent to him; re cost...; [NOTE: another copy in H - miscellaneous 1959-1962, with Doreen Harms items, has some further notations attached. {16} TWO entries Ernst Behrends to Bender, March 11, 1959 [datelined Mölln]: letter is a densely written on, 1.2 closely-typed pages, its German too dense for this annotator to plumb; Behrends seems to discuss his novel Beata and other novels as treated in Mennonitisches Lexikon; terms and names embedded in his letter include the Menno Simons novel Der Bote, the Otto Meissner press, the Bleckade castle on the Elbe, Dr. Horst Quiring, Professor Krahn [? Cornelius Krahn ? (“I do not know how far from Krahn you live”)], that writer had learned to know Pastor A. Fast [Abraham Fast] of Emden personally, Fritz Kudnig who belonged to a Poets’ Circle; Hans Friedrich Blunck, Hermann Claudius, Helene Voigt-Diederichs, Erhard Wittek, Otfried Graf Finckenstein, Alma Rogge, Eugen Roth, Hanns Martin, Fritz Salzer (the publisher of Behrend’s Russian-German novel), Curt Brauns (the publisher of his poetry). • • • ATTACHED, undated German-language document, closely typed sheet headed “Urtelle über ‘ D e r B o t e ’” [Judgments (critiques ?) regarding Der Bote]--half the sheet is by Pastor Abraham Fast of the Mennonite congregation in Emden; shorter statements by Holland Mennonite Dr. S. S. Smeding [Sibold S. Smeding], Fritz Kudnig, and Eugene Roth of Munich. {17} L. Nelson Bell to Bender, July 18, 1961 [stationery of Christianity Today, Washington D.C., Bell the Executive Editor]: had information about serious drinking problems at seminaries; asked for answers, signed or unsigned, to three questions about recipient’s seminary vis-à-vis an “acute [problem] in America”, social drinking and drunkenness. {18} Bender to Byron W. Bender, January 16, 1958 [Byron Bender, c/o C. L. Graber, Goshen {Christian L. Graber, Chris Graber}]: enclosing “your deed”; about needing to pay the taxes beginning Spring 1959; H. S. Bender expenses had been $100. {19} TWO entries Bender to Byron Bender, January 13, 1960 [addressed c/o Ezra Bender of Martinsburg Pennsylvania]: reference to Byron suddenly appearing “last week”, when H. S. was not well, to review matters with him; now H. S. writing about only one point--Byron’s availability to teach a 2-credit-hour Hiram term of linguistics in Summer Session; details, needed prompt reply. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Memorandum on Goshen College form, Byron W. Bender to Dean Bender, February 12, 1960: about $25 needed for “linguistic informants” for the Descriptive Linguistics class.... {20} Bender to Ezra Bender, February 12, 1960 [to Martinsburg Pennsylvania; likely to Ezra C. Bender]: on J. C. Wenger’s [John C. Wenger] resignation from an Executive Board for reasons of health and overload, and on future needs; likely of Mennonite Publication Board; mention Paul Erb. {21} FOUR entries Mahlon Bender to Bender, March 1, 1961: enclosing a draft of $25 for balance of “Ross Bender gift”, from Student Aid Fund of the Ontario Amish Mennonite Conference. • • • CONTIGUOUS, very similar note, October 13, 1961 [from New Hamburg Ontario]. • • • REPLY, Bender to Mahlon Bender, October 26, 1961 [to New Hamburg Ontario]: acknowledging the $250, enclosing a receipt; requested the other $250 about February 1, 1962. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Mahlon Bender, March 5, 1962 [rural route, New Hamburg Ontario]: thanks for the rest of the $500 for Ross Bender; enclosing receipt and program of Annual Meeting. {22} Bender to Paul Bender (of Hesston College), February 7, 1959: via John Steiner, principal at Bethany Christian High School, Bender had learned that “Brother Conrad” [apparently teaching at Bethany Christian High School] had been called to Hesston College to teach English; Bender pointed out that Conrad was trained in social studies and at Bethany had not wanted to teach English; question of a college hiring a teacher with no graduate study in the intended field.// P.S., had sent a batch of Seminary applications to “Dean Holsinger” [Justus Holsinger ?] but gotten no applications. {23} Bender to Paul Bender (at Hesston College), October 29, 1959: sending a Seminary catalog picked up in Paul’s office; H. S. had left Hesston without his topcoat--had it turned up? {24} Paul Bender to H. S. Bender, February 2, 1961 [stationery of Hesston College, Office of the Dean]: inviting H. S. to meet with Hesston faculty evening of next week’s Friday after J. C. Wenger’s talk, H. S. speaking from his Conrad Grebel lectures; assurance he would be to Newton in time to catch the 9:50 train. {25} Telegram night letter, Ross Bender to no addressee, February 5, 1959 [evidently from Kitchener Ontario]: no plan for New Haven; please get my transcript from Ada Shaum and have chances for my admission evaluated, and send course requirements, reading list, evaluation of relevant professors. {26} Telegram Bender to Ross T. Bender, April 4, 1961 [Ross address in Connecticut]: had canceled trip to New Haven. {27} Urie A. Bender to Paul Erb, May 14, 1962 [stationery of Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, Urie as Secretary for Literature; Paul Erb as Editor of Gospel Herald]: appreciation for H. S. Bender’s letter in “Our Readers Say” section of Gospel Herald of May 8, 1962, on ethnic Mennonites and Mennonite culture...; cc H. S. Bender. {28} Memorandum, Bender to Ernest Bennett, March 16, 1961: on procedures for paying salaries of J. D. Graber and J. H. Yoder for part-time teaching at Goshen Biblical Seminary; mention President Mininger [Joseph D. Graber, “Joe” Graber; likely John Howard Yoder, John H. Yoder; Paul Mininger]; cc’s Mininger, William Zuercher. {29} Copy of Leland Bachman to Russel R. Benson, February 24, 1961 [Leland A. Bachman; Benson at Indianapolis Indiana]: reference to a Bender letter to Europe, but Bender wanting to include the movie film with his letter of instruction. {30} Torsten Bergsten to Bender, August 26, 1958 [of Uppsala Sweden; typed in German]: wished he had gotten to speak to Bender at Berlin Congress; Bergsten had gone there directly from Brno and Prague where he had spent 5 weeks of summer in libraries and archives; much to report from there... especially what he had gained from Dr. Libuše Urbánková-Hrubá, daughter of Professor Hrubá--she the Archivist in the State Archive...; Dr. Hrubá had died during World War II, while working at a great task, “Moravia and the Swiss Reformation of the 16th and 17th Centuries”; ... (materials Hrubá had left).// Much appreciation that the Mennonite Quarterly Review editors had given so much space in the July issue to Bergsten’s work on Pilgram Marbeck [Pilgram Marpeck]; about Professors Westin and Bornkamm [Gunner Westin; Heinrich Bornkamm], and Balthasar Hubmaier. {31} Bender to Torsten Bergsten, August 16, 1960 [Bender apparently writing from MCC Frankfurt; to Bergsten at Baptist Seminary, near Zürich]: very happy at news that you are so far along with your Hubmaier work that it will soon appear.// You might find the enclosed excerpt from a letter from Professor Mrs. Grete Mecenseffy at University of Vienna to be useful. {32} Clayton Beyler to Paul Mininger, December 1, 1960 [thermofax sheet (fragile and deteriorating--hence full text of letter); Hesston College letterhead]: “Dear Brother Mininger:” / “Concerning the invitation to teach at the seminary during the first semester of 1961 I think it will be possible for me to accept the invitation if you are still in need of my services.” / “Sincerely,” / “Clayton Beyler” {33} TWO entries Clayton Beyler to Bender, March 8, 1961 [Hesston College stationery]: asked help in finding housing on or near the campus in 1st semester 1961-1962--preferably a room on campus. • • • REPLY, had hoped to have a room in (empty) 3rd floor of Coffman Hall, but now the floor was needed for “girls”; so offering a room in the Bender home. {34} TWO entries Bender to Clayton Beyler, May 2, 1961: reference to earlier conversations on Beyler’s teaching load; now wished to add “New Testament Greek Exegesis”, reason being that William Klassen had been granted leave of absence. • • • REPLY, Clayton Beyler to Bender, May 10, 1961: proposed load was satisfactory. {35} Copy of Paul Mininger to Clayton Beyler, August 25, 1961: enclosing revised contract; on financial matters, work with Ralph Gunden, Business Manager; ... that Beyler would be at Faculty Retreat at Little Eden [Mennonite camp at Onekema Michigan]; cc’s to Tilman Smith [Hesston College president], Bender, Gunden. {36} Document of October 12, 1961 for Clayton Beyler absence--a filled-in Goshen College form for faculty absence: for absence of Beyler from Seminary classes on certain dates in October, November, December, purpose being family responsibilities; permission granted. {37} Wayne Birkey to Bender, March 2, 1960 [from rural route, Amboy Indiana]: had counseled with his pastor Anson Horner on a matter and Horner advised consulting Bender; Birkey was seeking an educational loan, and an organization offering a possibility required signing a statement, “THE AMERICAN’S CREED,” that declared respect for the American flag, etc. and included “to defend it [“my country”] against all enemies”; would it jeopardize his position as a conscientious objector [pacifism, nonresistance, draft law, military draft, I-W service, conscientious objection, Selective Service System]? should he sign it? {38} Card from Frank Bishop and family, pencilled “ca. July 1962”; statement of appreciation and sympathy (surely in view of Bender’s illness)--that “I” am thankful to be your “near-contemporary”;...remembering you daily in “our family worship”.... {39} Irene Bishop to Bender, January 16, 1960 [from MCC Vienna]: wondered if Goshen College were interested in a “Haus Luft Bible (1544-45)” that a refugee student from Hungary had received from his grandfather; student needed money, wanted to sell it; if not Goshen, some other to whom to write? {40} Bender to Fritz Blanke, November 9, 1960 [to Professor Blanke at Zürich]: noticed in Mennonitische Geschichtsblätter that on April 22 you celebrated your 60th birthday; about publishing something in Mennonite Quarterly Review regarding Blanke’s writings. {41} Baron Frary on Blomberg to Bender, July 2 [no year] [stationery of Hotel Mayorazgo; “c/o His Highness, Prince Studza”, Madrid; in English]: reference to meeting Bender in Akron, and meeting many of his friends in Europe; had come “to a wedding of a King”; writer was working as adviser to royal families and at refugee work; reference to meeting Brother Dyck in Hamburg [Peter Dyck, Peter J. Dyck? Cornelius Dyck, C. J. Dyck, “Cornie” Dyck?]; described his Christian work, from opening doors for mission work to trying “to reach those in high places for Christ”...; loved to fellowship with Mennonites and hoped to visit “you” in the Fall. {42} Walter H. Bouchspies to Bender, April 28, 1958 [from Vista Hermosa colony in Bolivia; in English]: wanted information on Mennonite settlements in Latin America; knew of the one at Chihuahua Mexico; particularly interested in Paraguay ones--progressive ones, that he might join. {43} THREE entries Carroll G. Bowen to Bender, December 15, 1958 [stationery of University of Chicago Press, Bowen Editor]: Bowen had been reared among Amish at Topeka Indiana, his paternal great-grandfather had been Old Order Amish, and his maternal grandfather of the Central Conference Mennonite Church, yet Bowen did not know of a “good, general book on the Amish”...; wanted help.... • • • REPLY ATTACHED (paper clip), Bender to Carroll G. Bowen, January 24, 1959: suggested having Melvin Gingerich, director of Mennonite Research Foundation, managing editor of Mennonite Quarterly Review and of Mennonite Encyclopedia; named Gingerich’s publications; Bender much interested; cc Gingerich. • • • REPLY ATTACHED (paper clip), Carroll G. Bowen to Bender, January 29, 1959: much thanks; was writing to Gingerich. {44} John Brademas to Bender, September 26, 1960 [stationery of U.S. House of Representatives, Brademas a member for Indiana’s 3rd district]: knowing Bender’s interest in “Point Four Youth Corps”, writing that Congress had appropriated $10,000 for Glenn McClelland to lead a study of the idea.... {45} TWO entries John H. Bratt to Bender, October 3, 1959 [stationery of The Calvin Forum, Bratt the Foreign Editor]: in Christianity Today had seen reference to a Bender paper “Biblical Revelation and Inspiration” as well as of a statement adopted on the subject”; “We” are making a study and would like to have copies. • • • REPLY, Bender to John H. Bratt, October 6, 1959 [Bratt of Calvin College, Grand Rapids Michigan]: the paper was being published as a pamphlet--write to Mennonite Publishing House; the statement had appeared in September 22, 1959 issue of Gospel Herald; write to Paul Erb as General Secretary of [MC] Mennonite General Conference; Bender’s high regard for Christian Reformed Church.... {46} Virgil J. Brenneman to Bender, March 16, 1961 [stationery of Waterford Mennonite Church, Goshen, Virgil Brenneman pastor]: had scheduled Bender to give his lectures at Waterford church on May, 17, 21, and 24; cc Lester Culp. {47} Virgil and Helen Brenneman to Bender, July 6, 1962 [Virgil J. Brenneman, Helen Good Brenneman]: rather elaborate statement of appreciation and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness. {48} Bender to William O. Brenneman, March 22, 1961 [William Brenneman, rural route Elida Ohio]: as “Brother Martin” had asked, sending two pictures and a brief statement; would arrive with Mrs. Bender just in time for Sunday morning service... [Elizabeth Bender, Elizabeth Horsch Bender]. {49} Memorandum, Bender to Harold Brooks, February 18, 1960 [Brooks, construction supervisor]: re bronze screens on Seminary office windows; please include Miss Hershberger’s office, for a total of 24. {50} THREE entries Walter Brubacher to “Bro. Mininger”, January 27, 1958 [surely to Paul Mininger; from Waterloo Ontario]: about efforts made [by St. Jacobs Mennonite Church] to find sources of help, by working through [MC] Mennonite General Conference, second by having a delegation to interview Seminary students; were accepting Bender’s invitation to do the latter, including, at Dale Schumm suggestion, Wallace Jantz. • • • REPLY, copy of Paul Mininger to Walter Brubacher [rural route Waterloo Ontario]; thanks for letter, it now given to Bender...; cc Bender. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to Walter Brubacher, February 12, 1958: a visit would be in vain, as Wallace Jantz was not available as he was preparing to go to Perryton Texas at invitation of E. M. Yost [surely Earvey M. Yost, Earvey Megli Yost], and this year’s graduates were “substantially committed; suggested D. Edward Diener of Clarence New York; cc Mininger. {51} D. M. Brubacher to Bender, January 23, 1958 [stationery indicates D. M. Brubaker D.D.S. of Flora Indiana; perhaps Dean Brubaker, Dean M. Brubaker?]: had seen in Gospel Herald that Bender would be speaking on “Fundamentalism, Modernism, and Mennonitism” at annual ministers’ meeting; writer was much interested in the subject; neither he nor his spouse had Mennonite background--they had joined because Mennonites were holding fast to the Bible; had found many “hyperfundamentalist groups” showed little of love of Christ beyond their immediate circles; appreciated Machen’s book as the best [John Gresham Machen]; could laymen attend the lectures? {52} TWO entries Bender to J. Lester Brubaker, October 6, 1958 [Brubaker as Educational Agent of General Educational Council; address at EMC (Eastern Mennonite College; later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University)]: as stated in his telegram [not extant here], Bender could not speak to the Educational Council at Kidron [Ohio] on October 25. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to J. Lester Brubaker, October 16, 1958: further explanation. {53} TWO entries January J. Lester Brubaker to Bender, April 3, 1959 [General Educational Council stationery, EMC dateline--Eastern Mennonite College; later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University]: the Council thought that it would be good for it and the Peace Problems Committee if they kept a current list of Mennonite youth of high-school age, including young women [gender]; penciled note in margin to call Boyd Nelson and file in PPC folder. • • • REPLY, Bender to J. Lester Brubaker, April 20, 1959: thanks for April 3 letter; hardly knew how to respond; the I-W office [pacifism, nonresistance, draft law, military draft, conscientious objection, Selective Service System] in Elkhart kept a list of all youth [gender ?] who become 18; not sure that to extend it to all high-school youths was worth the work burden and cost; but Bender would consult with Boyd Nelson and with the PPC. {54} TWO entries Bender to Dr. F. F. Bruce, March 2, 1961 [Professor Frederick Fyvie Bruce, University of Manchester, England]: Bender and students had profited much from Bruce’s books and other writings, with their views usually close to our own; now students were inquiring about going and studying with you; please reply, and send catalog, etc. • • • REPLY, F. F. Bruce to Bender, March 7, 1961 [University of Manchester stationery, Bruce as Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis]: thanks for letter and materials with it; sending certain items in return; students in New Testament studies would study under Bruce; the University was secular and chose to have a range of viewpoints, so Bruce could say nothing of professors’ theological bents. {55} TWO entries Roy Bucher to Bender, November 7, 1958 [stationery of Metamora Mennonite Church in Illinois, Bucher pastor]: reference to Bender remarks at Mennonite Board of Education meeting at Kidron [Ohio], about possibly offering the [honorary] D.D. degree; Bucher feared misuse of a doctoral degree, using the case of the president of Winona School of Theology; assumed Bender had better intentions, but Bucher would be cautious; and anyhow, we don’t make much of degrees. • • • REPLY, Bender to Roy Bucher, December 12, 1958: thanks; Bucher’s was the only letter received with his point of view; “we” would not be offering the “honorary D.D.”--whether Goshen College might do so was not yet decided; cc President Paul Mininger. {56} TWO entries Roy Bucher to Bender, April 8, 1960 [stationery of Illinois Mennonite Conference, Bucher its Secretary]: Illinois Conference executive committee had discussed the letter of Bender and Wenger [likely J. C. Wenger, John C. Wenger] re “memorial contributions for the Archives and Research Center [? Mennonite Church Archive ? and ? Mennonite Research Foundation ?]; not ready to act at present, but planned to bring the matter before Conference; expected a good response--$1000. • • • CONTIGUOUS, Roy Bucher to Bender, August 16, 1960 [stationery of Illinois Mennonite Conference, Bucher its Secretary]: at Conference, had been discussion of raising the $1000 as memorials to J. S. Shoemaker [Joseph S. Shoemaker] and John Smith; church council of Metamora Mennonite Church had approved a contribution of $300, and expected Freeport Mennonite Church to raise $200; another $500 probably “quite possible”. {57} TWO entries Roy Bucher to Bender, September 27, 1960 [stationery of Illinois Mennonite Conference, Bucher its Secretary]: inviting Bender or another representative of the seminary to a meeting on October 3 at Willow Springs Mennonite Church; program about ministerial needs, and ministers’ situations--program outlined, with speakers’ names; penned note in Bender hand at bottom that he could not go and did not feel he should ask any other faculty to miss classes to go.... • • • REPLY, Bender to Roy Bucher, October 12, 1960: appreciated the invitation; some explanation of Bender’s inability to attend.// that in a recent conversation Bucher had expressed interest in completing his degree at Goshen seminary; Bender would be glad to hear more; request that Bucher have his transcript sent from Winona School of Theology. {58} Roy Bucher to Bender, May 25, 1961 [stationery of Metamora Mennonite Church, Bucher the pastor]: about books and report of reading course Bender had assigned.// On behalf of Illinois Mennonite Conference executive committee, thanks for roles Bender had taken at ministers’ fellowship; thanks also for contributing to Sunday worship at Metamora Mennonite Church.... {59} Roy Bucher to Bender, August 31, 1962 [stationery of Illinois Mennonite Conference, Bucher the Secretary]: sorry to learn of your ill health; about the meeting of conference, Moderator Edwin Stalter raising prayer concerns including Bender’s condition; further statement of appreciation and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness. {60} Earl Buckwalter to Bender, stamped as received May 12, 1960 [signed only “Earl B. but “Buckwalter” indicated in marginal note; stationery of South Central Mennonite Conference, Earl Buckwalter of Hesston Kansas the Assistant Moderator]: regarding your March 25 letter [not extant here], the conference’s executive committee approved the idea of memorializing Tilman M. Erb in the “new Archives and Research Center” [Mennonite Church Archives, Mennonite Research Foundation]; had not yet made a plan for raising $500, but assuredly it would be raised; Pennsylvania Mennonite Church would raise a part.... {61} Memorandum, I. E. Burkhart to Bender, September 16, 1958 [Irvin E. Burkhart, Irvin Burkhart]: explaining about tax laws respectively of U.S. and Canada that applied to a donor receiving annuity income from the College; that actually, the College did not write annuities--Mennonite Board of Education did so. {62} Memorandum, Clarence Burkholder to Bender, July 27, 1959: answering Bender’s request for an estimate of next year’s janitorial costs in the Seminary building. {63} Bender to Clarence Burkholder, December 6, 1961: wanted detailed particulars of Kore Zook’s work assignment in the Seminary building; and did Zook have responsibilities in any other buildings? {64} J. Richard Burkholder to Bender, May 1, 1960: much appreciation for the April 1960 Mennonite Quarterly Review; sending $1 for an extra copy; high praise for article by Littell [Franklin H. Littell]; also much interested in papers on Ceasar von Arx’s drama “Brüder in Cristo”--...would like a German copy of it.// Re his having been accepted for Ph.D. work in History and Philosophy of Religion, at Harvard University. {65} J. Richard Burkholder to Bender, September 20, 1962 [from Newton Massachusetts]: letter of appreciation and sympathy in view of Bender’s illness;...”I would not be a Mennonite, perhaps not even a Christian, if it had not been for your influence...’// Had completed all residency requirements and comprehensive examinations in “Religion and Society” field; searching now for dissertation topic.... {66} TWO entries John W. Burkholder to Bender [not dated] [no return address]: wished to know the names of the 27 persons whom second edition of Christian Burkholder, Nützliche und erbauliche Anrede an die Jugend” claimed had signed [endorsed] it; also about a certain 1811 book the writer had found; on bottom margin and reverse side a note from Bender in reply that he could not provide the 27 names, and that the 1811 book was not rare...; more about some confusion of the signature R.F. on a Mennonite Encyclopedia article--it indicated Robert Friedmann, not R. Foth. • • • REPLY, Bender to John W. Burkholder, June 6, 1960 [to Weaver Bookstore, Lancaster Pennsylvania]: same content as penned note indicated just above. {67} M. I. Burkholder to Bender, February 7, 1958 [stationery of Huntington College Theological Seminary, Huntington Indiana; Burkholder the dean]: wanted Bender to speak at “our annual Seminary service”, part of the commencement service; had tried several times, and hoped it will be possible this time. {68} FIVE entries Paul H. Burkholder to Bender, February 3, 1962 [from Markham Ontario; handwritten]: wanted Bender to be a resource for a three-day Bible Study Conference, in November; reference to Bender’s Conrad Grebel Lectures, as if wanting those lectures or content from them. • • • REPLY, Bender to Paul Burkholder, February 8, 1962: happy to serve; preferred dates November 28-30. • • • REPLY, Paul H. Burkholder to Bender, February 16, 1962: happy with the answer and the dates; another speaker would be “Bro. Havard Bauman” of Waterloo County Ontario.... • • • CONTIGUOUS, Paul H. Burkholder to Bender, August 25, 1962: in light of Bender’s illness, in effect releasing him from the commitment. • • • REPLY, Bender to Paul H. Burkholder, August 29, 1962: due to ill health, had decided to cancel all outside commitments.

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