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Mennonite Archives of Ontario

Avon Mennonite Church (Stratford, Ontario)

  • CA-MAO-2020
  • Corporate body
  • 1952-

The Avon Mennonite Church in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, began with a Summer Bible School sponsored by the Ontario Amish Mennonite Conference in July 1951. In 1963 this conference dropped "Amish" from its name, and became the Western Ontario Mennonite Conference. In 1987 this conference decided to disband their separate organization in favour of becoming a part of Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada (MCEC) which was created by an inter-Mennonite Conference that also included the Conference of United Mennonite Churches in Ontario and the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. With the creation of MCEC, all the congregations that were not already members of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada (CMC), became CMC associate members. Avon Mennonite Church was one of these, and along with other churches originating in the Western Ontario Mennonite Conference, became a full CMC member congregation in 1995.

Baden Mennonite Church (Baden, Ontario)

  • CA-MAO-2020
  • Corporate body
  • 1913-1977

A frame church building was erected in the town of Baden in 1913 by Peter Moyer, a member of the Steinmann Amish Mennonite congregation. Baden was a mission post until 1945. Beginning in 1930 a minister was supplied by the Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario (Noah Hunsberger, Newton S. Weber). In 1940 it was agreed that the Sunday-school staff should be supplied by First Mennonite Church. In 1945 Baden organized as a formal congregation of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. James Martin was the first pastor. Subsequent pastors were Urie Bender, Elmer Grove, Arnold Cressman and David Groh.

The congregation remained small in terms of membership , but held a very large Vacation Bible School program, with up to 300 pupils a year.

In 1966 Pastor David Groh left. Lester Bauman, pastor of the Geiger congregation, was invited to serve Baden as well. Many activities were then held jointly with Geiger. In 1971 Stanley Shantz served as pastor of both. The two congregations agreed to have Sunday services together, using the Geiger building because it was larger. In 1975 the congregations agreed to become one in all but name and membership. In late 1975 the Geiger building burned, and services were held in a renovated Baden building.

In September 1977 the congregations merged and became the Wilmot Mennonite Church at the Geiger location. In 1979 a new building was erected at the Geiger site.

Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ontario)

  • CA-MAO-2020
  • Corporate body
  • 1945-2019

The congregation has been affiliated with the Mennonite Conference of Ontario and Quebec (1956-1988), Mennonite Church (1956-1999), Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (1988-) and Conference of Mennonites in Canada / Mennonite Church Canada (1995-). The language of worship is English.

The congregation began services in 1945, and the first building was occupied in 1951, with subsequent building programs in 1964 and 1991. Paul Hunsberger is considered the founding leader of the group. The work emerged through outreach by the Ontario Mennonite Mission Board. It began as a Sunday school outreach in November 1945.

Pastoral leaders who have served the congregation include Paul Hunsberger (1945-1959), Simeon Martin (1960-1967), Floyd Schmucker (1967-1972), Hubert Lawrence (1972-1977), Abe Buhler (1978-1980), John Coffman (Interim, 1980/81), Tom Warner (1981-1983), Team Ministry, led by John Coffman (1983-1986), Philip Lichty (1987-1999), Lloyd Steeves (2000-2015). The congregation left Mennonite Church Eastern Canada to become an independent congregation in 2019.

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