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Albrecht family

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The Albrecht family immigrated to Canada from the Russia in 1925 and settled in Manitoba. The family included the parents Peter A. Albrecht (1882-1952) and Maria (Dyck) Albrecht (1888-1965)and their three sons Peter (1910-1993), Abram (1912-1993) and Henry (1913-2007). As member of the Mennonite community in Imperial Russia, Peter A. Albrecht, did alternative service in a forestry camp, serving as the camp's treasurer. In the forestry camps (Forestei), the young men learned to work together, they performed labour for the good of the country and remained true to their conscience by not participating in direct military war actions. The young men were proud of their uniforms, often wearing them on Sundays, on holidays and for photographs. After 1914, these forestry men served in the Red Cross until 1917. The Albrecht family cherished the few items that survived from their life in Russia, when they came to Canada.

Abram P. Albrecht (1912-1993) was the father-in-law to Isaac H. Warkentin (1936-2010). Isaac H. Warkentin was the son of Isaac Warkentin (1908-2000) and Maria Hiebert (1909); and, he was the grandson of Isaac Warkentin (1875-1919) and Maria von Kampen (1880-1961).

The Albrecht and Warkentin men of the earlier generation had worked together in the forestry service in Russia.

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