Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)



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Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)

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Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)

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Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)

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[Hoffnungsfeld: drying peanuts]

The photo shows tent-like structures on which peanuts are dried in Hoffnungsfeld. Several men are in the process of setting up another frame. There are a number of frames covered in peanuts seen in the background.

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld: new plantation of bananas

The photo shows a new plantation of bananas in Hoffnungsfeld. The soil between the rows is being tilled by a horse drawn plow to keep weeds under control. Three men are working in the field.

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld, buying the first products.

The photo shows two men engaged in the sale and purchase of sacks of product under a tree in Hoffnungsfeld. The warehouse in the back is used to store the sacks. There is an ox-cart and wheelbarrow on the left and a team of oxen on the right.

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld, Indians store.

The photo shows the Indians store in Hoffnungsfeld. The store is made of clay bricks with a corrugated metal roof. The planted area in the foreground is surrounded by a log and barbed wire fence and an overflowing trench of water runs past it. A...

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld, "Leghorn" chickens in a henhouse.

The photo shows a chicken coop framed with logs, enclosed in chicken wire and corrugated sheets of metal in Hoffnungsfeld. The chickens which are the "Leghorn" breed, are standing or nesting on perches inside the coop. There is a door o...

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

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