Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)



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Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)

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Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)

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Hoffnungsfeld (Menno Colony, Paraguay)

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Hoffnungsfeld, the cemetery.

The photo shows the Hoffnungsfeld cemetery surrounded by a barbed wire fence. In the cemetery are rows of mounded soil indicating burials. One grave has a tombstone. The cemetery is surrounded by grass and the Chaco bush in the distance.

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld, the early beginnings.

The photo shows the early beginnings of Hoffnungsfeld. Several tent-like structures have been set up underneath trees and there is a man sitting on a wooden stool under the larger tent.

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld, unloading the caterpillar.

The photo shows seven people unloading sacks of unknown content from the caterpillar. There are two people near a warehouse on the left side. An assortment of primitive farm implements are seen in the foreground including several plows and a harrow.

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld, wagons for exploration.

The photo shows a box-car like wagon pulled by a four member ox team in Hoffnungsfeld. This wagon was used when exploring new territory. A horse is tethered to the back of the wagon. A man and child are on the wagon, while another man is leanin...

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

Hoffnungsfeld: administration courtyard

The photo shows the courtyard of the administration center in Hoffnungsfeld. This picture shows the completed buildings which are under construction in BK5-134. A number of people are working at different jobs connected with the layout of the ...

Engen, Fred, 1863-1929

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