Halbstadt (Molotschna, Russia)



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Halbstadt (Molotschna, Russia)

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Halbstadt (Molotschna, Russia)

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Halbstadt (Molotschna, Russia)

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Russian hut in Halbstadt

This is a photo of a woman standing by a sod house (semlin), which was a building dug into the ground. It had a low construction with a straw roof, makeshift entrance and interesting chimney. Slagel describes it as "The hut of a Russian squat...

AMR kitchen in Halbstadt

This is a photo of a large group of people, many of them children, some with pails, in front of a building in Halbstadt, Molotschna. They are dressed in winter clothing and there is snow on the ground. A big man, holding a briefcase, is watching ...

AMR in Halbstadt, Molotschna

This is a photo of a group of younger children standing separated from a group of adults and older children in the archway of a one-storey building in Halbstadt. There are some unidentified AMR workers and a car (or truck) on the picture.

AMR tractors in Halbstadt

This is a photo of several tractors in action on a large open field in the Halbstadt, Molotschna, area in Russia, with a number of workers and onlookers roaming about. The tractors were provided by the American Mennonite Relief.

Corrrespondence June, July, August 1923

This file contains the following items:1) Correspondence June, 1923, Philipp Cornies re Purchasing tractors, P.F. Froese, A.J. Fast,2) Correspondence July,1923 re American Mennonite Relief, VBHH, Board of Colonization with Philipp Cornies, Peter ...

Correspondence, September- December 1921

This file contains the following:1) Letters and documents, February 1921-December 1921.Correspondence to and from B.B. Janz with the following : Wilhelm Dyck, David Janz, Johannes Merk, B.Franz , H.H. Schroeder, Alvin Miller, Benjamin Unruh regard...

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