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103 Ergebnisse für Dormitories

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Dorm house

This photo is of a small, one story rectangular house. The house is on campus and is most likely a dorm room dwelling.

Dorm room friends

This photo is of 5 men. Two of the men are laying on the top bunk of a bunkbed, propped up on their elbows and looking to their right. On the bottom bunk, there are three men, posing for the camera.

Group visiting the construction site of Conrad

  • CA MAO 1987-1 34
  • Einzelstück
  • 1964

Group visiting the construction site of Conrad Grebel College in early 1964. L-R: Walter Klaassen, J. Winfield Fretz, Dale Schumm, --, David Groh (background), E. J. Swalm, --, Vernon Zehr(?), Herb Schultz (?)

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