Elbing (Poland)



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Elbing (Poland)

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Elbing (Poland)

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Elbing (Poland)

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Peter and Anna Regier

This photo is a portrait of Peter Regier and Anna Regier (nee Anna Enss) while they were living in Prussia (Poland). -- Note: there is a second copy (1b).

Schreiber, H.

Paul Gerlach farmstead

This is a photo of a drawing (by Jan Gleysteen, Scotdale) of a typical farmyard in West Prussia. The above belonged to Paul Gerlach who in 1945 was "taken" by the Russians. Situated in Neuendorf-Hoehe, near Elbing. To the right the house...

Gleysteen, Jan

Peter and Anna Regier

Peter Regier seated, holding a book in his left hand. Mrs.Regier is standing beside him, wearing a long dark dress, long chain necklace and holding a flower in her right hand.In the foreground are many roses.