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CA MHC 044-107.0-b







"An old Saint Madeline McKay"

CA MHC 640-20

"An old peddler who used to come" to Christian

CA MAO HM1-66 23

"Annie Henhoeffer" June 15, 1913 Located on

CA MAO HM1-66 38

"Back House" - privy on right end. An elongated

CA MAO 1989-7 38

"Berry pickers" Located on obverse of leaf 80 of

CA MAO HM1-66 31

"Butchering at Ed's (James Eby), April 3, 1912"

CA MAO HM1-66 17

"Campout" in the lower lounge of Conrad Grebel

CA MAO 2013-1 2

"Charley was the horse". Located on obverse of

CA MAO HM1-66 13

"Coaldale Revisited"

CA CMBS NP025-05-28

"Cowgirls" at the Plymouth Victory reunion

CA MAO Hist.Mss.1.280-19

"Dinnertime". (In colour).

CA MAO 1989-5 24

"Eilber school at Reesor, Ont." is written on the

CA MAO XV-19.3-1992-14-479

"Exodus USSR - 1943" by Agatha Loewen Schmidt

CA MAO XV-19.3-1992-14-3069

"Fahrer haus bei Kirche, Schoensee." House of

CA MAO 1994-1 155

"Father butchering head of pig, April 3, 1912"

CA MAO HM1-66 18

"Father" Christian Eby with dog and raccoon shot

CA MAO HM1-66 11

"First Mennonite settlement at Vineland" drama,

CA MAO 1988-8 49

"First attempt at photography" by Joseph M.

CA MAO HM1-168 3

"Florence [Eby] & Dorothy [Eby] with the

CA MAO HM1-66 32

"Fuerstenwerder Mennoniten Kirche, Fuerstenwerder

CA MAO 1994-1 154

"Geht er mit uns..." (356.25)

CA MHC 333-25

"George and Jim washed horse radish, April 25,

CA MAO HM1-66 34

"German Cemetery overgrown at Pordenau church.

CA MAO 1994-1 156

"Gospel Sign" in church yard

CA MHC 644-149.0

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