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This is a photo of an average Mennonite farmyard. Showing clearly the barn and the adjoining shed. Notice the shed doors, the well in the yard, and the fine cattle. HR 76][

Miss Warkentin's cow and calf.

This photo is of Helen Warkentin's cow and calf in a yard. A stone structure in the background. Two gentlemen are tending the animals. Another is standing near the building. Buildings with grass roofs are to the left of the photo. The men are...

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975


This photo is of two sets of oxen ploughing a field with four men following and holding the reins as the cattle plough the fields.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Cattle shed

This photo is of a cattle sheds built of brick with thatched roofs. There are some cattle outside and a few people tending to the animals including a female missionary.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975


This photo is of cattle in a field of grass. Trees are in the field in the background.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

At the well

This photo is of cattle at the well. Three young men are managing the cattle team. They are pulling on a rope that leads to the well. A shade tree is behind the cattle.



This photo is of 4 calves on pasture. One of the calves is black. Several trees are in the background.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Buffalo cattle

This photo is of buffalo cattle in the farmyard. Buildings are in the background with trees surrounding them. One person is standing in the yard with the animals.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

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